(i) Cold weather patrolling
(ii) Deep Screening
(iii) Switch expansion joint (SEJ)
(iv) Duties of Key man
(v) Pre-tamping/ post temping operation for CSM Working on MBC track.


Q.No. : Write in chronological order, different steps involved in through
Packing in LWR track. Please explain in detail.
Q.No. Write short notes on official language Act 1963?
Q.No. Down track is obstructed by falling tree in double line
Section. Draw protection diagram and explain.
Q.No. What are the duties & responsibilities of P.Way Mistry?
Q.No. How gauging is done in case of CST-9 plate track?
Q.No. When buckling of track occurs? How it can be prevented. What
Action should be taken when buckling has already occurred.
Q.No. When de-stressing of LWR became necessary. Explain in detail
Q.No. Explain how emergency repair, temporary repair and
Permanent repair is done in case of rectification of rail fracture.


I. The curves are measured at------meter station interval and with
------metre chord length.
ii. The maximum and minimum throw of switch is----mm and-----mm
iii. 52 Kg. tongue rail should be replaced/reconditioned when pateral
Wear exceeds------mm and -------mm respectively.
iv. Maximum permissible vertical wear on wing rail and nose of xing
(On other than Rajdhani/Shatabdi routes) shall be--------mm.
v. The ordinary/ conventional SEJ is permitted upto----0 degree curved trade.
vi. The useful life is detonator is----years on day time.
vii. On day time, no gateman must give/exchange private number to station
Master unless it is ensured that gate to roat traffic is----and------is planted
A distance of 5 meters on the The maximum speed permitted is----Kmph after temporary repair of Rail fracture has been carried out.
ix. No rail closure is required to be placed before clamping, when gap
in rail fractured track is less than-----mm.
X. The minimum permitted length of rail between two welding joint is
Xi. India is divided into------(No) of rail temperature zones.
xii. Not weather patrolman should carry------------ tools/ equipments while
Patrolling the track.


i. The height of 52 Kg. rail is……
(a) 190mm (b) 156mm (c) 116mm (d) 185mm
ii. The checkrail clearance at level crossing is –
(a) 45-51mm (b) 51-57mm (c) 41-44mm (d) None of above.
iii. In case of welding of 52 Kg. rail by SKV process, the gap (in mm)
between rails ends are kept-
(a) 24-26 (b) 10-12 (c) 30-32 (d) 44-46,
iv. In case of AT welding one of the following is not required:-
(a) Asbestos powder (b) Luting sand (c) Welding rod (d) Thimble.
v. IMR rails as a result of HSFD testing should be replaced not later than –
(a) 15 days. (b) 10 days (c) 3 days (d) 20 days.
vi. The length of curved switch in case of 1:12, 60Kg. concrete sleeper on CMS crossing (fan shaped) is:-
(a) 6500mm (b) 10125mm (c) 5500mm (d) 6000mm
vii. Metal Liner used in 32Kg. rail on 60 Kg. MBC sleeper is:-
(a) T/3740 (b) T/3741 & 3742 (c) T/645 (d) T/3739.
viii. For welding, the requirement of block is:-
(a)1/2 Hour (b) 15 Minutes (c) 1 hour 15 minutes. (d) 2 hours.
ix. The length of 52 Kg. ordinary fish plate is:-
(a)-3 ft.(915mm) (b) 2 ft.(610mm) (c) 2 1/2ft.(762mm) (d) 1 ft. (305mm)
x. The distance between Guard rail and running rail in girder bridge is:-
(a) 100 + 50mm (b) 250 + 50mm (c) 300 +50mm (d) 200 + 50mm.


i. Jabalpur-Itarsi (JBP-ET) section falls under rail temperature zone
No. IV (Four)
ii. LWR/CTR competency certificate is valid for two years.
iii. In case of rail fracture, P.Way supervisor is authorized to carry out
Temporary repairs.
iv. Lifting of LWR track with MBC sleeper can be done up to a
maximum of 90 mm in one stage.
v. S.E.J. is provided with six (6) Nos. of special PSC (Concrete) sleepers.
vi. Regular track maintenance such as packing, lifting, aligning etc.
vii. Hot Weather patrolling should be introduced when the rail temperature exceeds td + 10 C.

Source - ECR